Thursday, October 9, 2014

Why do we (you, other humans) play games?

Fannie Lou Hamer students brainstormed reasons why people play games during our second workshop. Check 'em out...

It gets me motivated.
To have fun, to explore what fun is.
When I am bored.
When I want to escape from reality.
Realism, excitement, adrenaline.
I like to play games for the excitement, the suspense.
For the excitement. To make them feel like they could do anything, having control over another person's life
People play video games to express their emotions and also for fun.
Act of liberty. Power of fear. To be hyped.
A chance of freedom from the real world. To be better than the rest.
You can do stuff in a game that you can't do in real life.
People play this game if people are bored.
It needs realism, graphics, danger, the need to go anywhere you want.
The graphics of the game. You can't do the things that the game does.
Imagination, entertainment, realisting.
People play games depending on the type of game: Trivia, to challenge the brain, shooter, to experience excitement.
To kill people.
Graphics, Zombies, entertainment.